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Motorcycle Tours and Shipping: Canada

Motorcycle tours in Canada are among the best two-wheeled experiences you can hope for in North America. Canada offers virtually unlimited mountain twisties, off-road riding, scenic roads in the Canadian Rockies, and stunning National Parks guaranteed to take your breath away. Places like Banff and Jasper National Park, Kootenay Lake area, and the awe-inspiring natural beauty of British Columbia are all on the menu when you’re riding motorcycles in Canada, and for the more adventurous, there are the remote Newfoundland and Labrador and the Trans Canadian Trail to explore. Canada is vast, wild, and wonderful, and you can spend months exploring this breathtaking corner of the world on your bike.

Scenery aside, Canadians are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and whenever you need to rest up, recharge, and enjoy some urban comforts, Vancouver on the Pacific Coast and Toronto in the East are great places to discover. Modern and cosmopolitan in its cities, wild and untamed in its more remote lands like the Northwest Territories or Yukon, Canada is home to so much natural treasures, curious indigenous cultures, and incredible landscapes that you’ll want to come back and ride here over and over again.

However, Canada is a large country, and it is simply impossible to see it all in one go, especially on a ten-day or two-week tour. Motorcycle shipping to Canada is a fairly popular route, so if you have some time to spare, riding your own might be a better option than going on a guided tour. Then again, a tour will save you time and efforts to research, plan, and prepare for your journey. So should you pick one of the guided motorcycle tours in Canada, or ship your own bike and travel independently?

Motorcycle Shipping in Canada vs Going on a Tour

Whether you should transport your own motorcycle or go on a motorbike tour in Canada depends on several factors: the time you have for your trip, the places you want to see, and your budget. Generally, if you plan to ride for at least two months or more, shipping motorcycles to Canada is a more economical option: the costs of shipping will be significantly lower than bike rental. Currently, there are several different ways to ship your bike to Canada: sea freight to Vancouver, or a more popular and faster option, air freight to Toronto. Choosing air freight for shipping motorcycles to Canada is the easiest way as the bikes are delivered within 24 hours as opposed to a month or more at sea; you can get on your flight, get off in Toronto, jump on your bike, and simply ride away. The same applies for your journey home: you don’t need to wait weeks for your motorcycle to be shipped back on a container ship. Riding your own motorcycle in Canada, you will have the freedom and the flexibility to explore as much as you like, travel on a bike you know well, and save on rental costs.

On the other hand, if you don;t have much time, Canada motorcycle tours are a better option. Going on a guided tour, you won‘t have to worry about motorcycle shipping, routes, itineraries, or hotels bookings; the entire trip will be arranged for you, and you simply need to show up and ride. If this is your first time riding motorcycles in Canada, you‘ll appreciate having a knowledgeable guide to show you the best routes and the most scenic roads in the country. Guided motorcycle tours in Canada are designed to showcase the most breathtaking views, offer great stays and off-bike experiences, and make your journey more comfortable with pre-booked hotels.

Canada Motorcycle Tours: Highlights

Whether you’re planning your own adventures or shopping for motorcycle tours in Canada, some highlights in the country are must-see. When putting your itinerary together, make sure you include these incredible places on your list:

Situated on the Pacific Coast, Vancouver is an ideal starting point for motorcycle tours in North America. One of the most beloved cities in Canada, Vancouver offers excellent food and lodging options and makes for a great basecamp to explore British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies positioned right on its doorstep.Vancouver is also one of the most popular destinations for shipping motorcycles to Canada, so if you‘re considering riding your own, head for Vancouver and start the adventure of a lifetime.

Kootenay Lake
Kootenay Lake, the crown jewel of British Columbia, is a glacial fjord-like lake famous for its tranquil natural beauty. A stunning admiral blue lagoon surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, Kootenay Lake is a popular summer destination for holidaying Canadians and foreigners alike. Because of its spectacular surroundings, Kootenay Lake is a must-see on your motorcycle tour in Canada.

Rocky Mountains
Spanning the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Rockies are similar to the Rocky Mountains in the US. Jagged, ice-capped peaks, waterfalls, alpine lakes, and amazing wildlife abound here, and you can spend weeks riding the Rockies and enjoying the countless twisties along the way. Magnificent mountain views around every corner, tarmac roads in perfect condition and plenty of off-road riding for those who prefer dirt bikes are what makes the Canadian Rockies the ideal motorcycling destination in North America.

The unofficial capital of the Banff National Park, Banff itself is a popular resort town known for its exceptional hot springs and breathtaking mountain surroundings. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountain, Sulphur Mountain, and Norquay, Banff is a paradise for outdoors lovers, hikers, mountaineers, and motorcyclists: there’s no shortage of incredible roads here, and the town of Banff is a great place to stop and rest for a day or two.

The capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities famous for its arts, cultural life, and finance and business centres. If you and your riding buddies are shipping motorcycles to Canada by air freight, chances are, you’ll end up in Toronto, so make sure to explore the city before you set off on your Canadian adventure. Situated just eighty miles southwest of Toronto in the direction of Detroit on the American side are the world-famous Niagara Falls you can see from the saddle fo your motorcycle: simply leave the bike in a nearby parking lot and walk over to the viewpoint to take in the view of the turbulent cascades falling down the cliffs. If you have the time, boat trips are available to bring you closer to the falls.

Practical Information for Touring Canada

Canada is an excellent motorcycling destination for late spring, summer, and early fall. The weather here remains mild, but do pack some warmer layers and gear up in a four-season jacket and pants if you‘re headed for the Rockies: at higher altitude, the temperatures are cooler, even in the summer months.

Canada uses the Canadian dollar as its currency and is among the more expensive countries to travel, unless you plan to camp and cook your own meals. Expect to spend $100-$150 a day on your food, fuel, and accommodation. However, if you go on a guided motorcycle tour of Canada, most of these expenses will be included in the tour package.

Canada is a very safe country to travel, but do watch out for wildlife in the more remote areas and mountains, especially when camping. Curious brown and black bears may pay you a visit if you don‘t store your food away!

When it comes to motorcycle choices for Canada, you cannot go wrong. Large capacity tourers, cruisers, and adventure bikes are all suited for Canadian roads, so pic what you love and ride with confidence. If you intend to explore the Trans Canada Trail by motorcycle, pick a lighter, smaller dual sport or dirt bike.

Still unsure which motorcycle tour in Canada would be best for you? Shoot us a message and we‘ll help you choose!