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If you love motorcycle tours in exciting places with a very special atmosphere, you must make the wildly romantic Corsica the destination of your next motorcycle trip.

If you feel you could easily get dizzy during your motorcycle tour on Corsica, don't be embarrassed. You are not the first person to feel this way. You have to get used to so many turns. But on the coast of the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean there are also many beautiful bays to relax in. Take a break and enjoy.

A motorcycle trip on Corsica offers you everything: winding roads with unbelievable views of the Mediterranean Sea and untamed nature. The wilderness hints where typical Corsican stubbornness might come from, a people who have never considered themselves overly patriotic to France.

Lonely beaches and impressive rock formations characterize the almost 1000 km long coast of Corsica. A straight road is nowhere to be found here. But in the hinterland perhaps? On the contrary. Too mountainous. The routes here are no less demanding and the term "asphalt" is sometimes a loving flattery for the road surface.

But why hasn't a motorcycle tourist ever complained about the road in Corsica yet? Out of fear of the Corsicans – maybe.

But certainly there is at least one other reason: The island is simply too beautiful, so you can forgive easily any shortcomings in the road conditions.

You'll experience impressive vegetation on Corsica and get to know a wide range of unique culinary specialities. An encounter with the spicy Corsican cheese was described by the French comic book hero Asterix as an explosive experience. So be sure to try it! All varieties of local cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk are offered by many small inns along the picturesque streets of the island. 

Countless sausage specialities are also made from the free-range pigs that are widespread on the island. The animals enjoy a natural diet of chestnuts, acorns and beechnuts. Combined with the traditional smoking over chestnut wood, the meat of Corsican pigs has a unique, delicate taste.

For motorcyclists there are attractive routes all over the island, which make motorbike tours on Corsica an a class apart.

Curvy roads meandering along adventurous routes through the ever-present mountains and wilderness that will amaze you at every bend. The highest mountain of Corsica, Monte Cinto, with 2706 meters, can be found on the west coast. But apart from Monte Cinto, there are other mountains with a height of over 2000 meters which make the area a real paradise for motorcycle tours. The mountains Monte Rotondo (2622 meters) and Punta Minuta (2556 meters) for example offer impressive tours.

The granite rock towers Aiguilles de Bavella are called the "Dolomites of Corsica". 

Enjoy the imposing formations from four different pass roads. One example is to wind up to 1470 metres on the Col de Vergio and then look into the Spelunca gorge. As a break during your motorcycle tour, treat yourself to a short hike of a few hundred metres to the Genoese bridge "Ponte a Zaglia": an attraction not only for architecture fans.

In the west, the Tafone awaits you on your motorbike trip in Corsica. Between Porto and Piana, at the so-called Calanche de Piana, you can inspect the impressive, bizarre formations of weathered and perforated stones up close. 

On the other hand, the east of Corsica, has a more temperate climate attributed to the lower mountains there which are all below 2000 metres. The slate area of the island is also an excellent area for extended motorbike trips.

Although your motorcycle trip in Corsica will take you mainly through the pristine and untamed landscape of the mountains, you should not miss to take a closer look at some of the proud and architecturally outstanding cities of Corsica.

The largest and one of the most fascinating cities in Corsica is undoubtedly the island capital Ajaccio on the west coast of the island, whose most famous son is Napoleon Bonaparte. Ajaccio is not only the political, but also the social and cultural centre of Corsica and it offers an ideal connection to the mainland through the airport located close to the city as well as year-round ferry connections to Marseille, Nice and Toulon. 

One of the many historic buildings that will delight you on a stroll through Ajaccio is the Chapelle Impériale, which means "imperial chapel". Napoleon's mother and many other members of the Bonaparte family are buried here.

A little smaller, but no less worth seeing, is the town of Bastia in the north-east of Corsica. It has the most important port of the island and is the economic centre of the region. You will hardly miss Bastia because you may land here anyway by ferry from Livorno or Genoa.

But don't just ride on, take a look at the town.

A popular place to stroll and enjoy is the Port de Plaisance, the old port of the city. It is popular with Corsicans as well as visitors due to the central Place Saint-Nicolas. 

By the way, if you put Bastia's visit at the end of your motorcycle tour, make sure you ride north along the west coast of the island, you can make a little banality your attraction. See if you can believe it: here, finally a Corsican road that goes straight.