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Too good to be true

Germany, center of culture and curves

Yes, there are many, many breathtaking curves, and a lot of culture. But you also get fascinating landscapes and centuries old cultural heritage, biker-friendly accommodation and a lot of Autobahn. Don’t forget the famous Nürburgring and famous Black Forest, which are so much more enjoyable on two wheels.

By Judith Sander*

Turn the map of Germany any way you like, the best motorbiking regions are so many that it is still hard to choose. Those who live here may sometimes lose sight of the fact that they are surrounded by paradise. But that's where we can help. Motorradland Germany – Situated in the middle of Europe, in the north with varied coastal regions, in the south with a touch of alpine romance. And in between? Curves, lots of curves!

Curves through low mountain ranges, endless coniferous forests, vineyards, shady avenues, curves, dreamy meadow landscapes, past venerable castles, and along wildly romantic little rivers. And we haven't even talked about the countless hairpin bends, crisp serpentines and fluid roads. But enough raving ahead.

Motorcycle tours in the Black Forest

In the German southwest the Black Forest awaits motorcyclists who are hungry for curves. With a length of about 150 km and a width of up to 60 km, the Black Forest can proudly claim to be the largest contiguous German mountain range. It does not reach the heights of the German Alps, the Black Forest does not crack the 1,500-height mark. But let's be honest – does it need those to make the motorcyclist's heart smile? On a playground of around 6,000 square kilometers?

No, there's plenty of room here to explore and ride yourself dizzy. Where the Swiss border meets the Rhine river, small shady roads climb the first few metres of altitude. The road climbs through rocky gorges, surrounded by majestic pines, a fluid sequence of curves conjures up a grin on the driver's face. Another rapid left turn – and the landscape is a new one. Wide fields and gnarled trees that defy the weather. The view wanders into the distance towards the majestic white peaks of the Alps.

Back in the motorcycle saddle, the motorbike rides almost by itself through the winding valleys. Surrounded by fairy-tale pine forests and dreamy landscapes topped off with a traditional house right from the books of the Brothers Grimm. A tonic for the eyes and soul!

A few bends further on, a completely different surprise awaits you. The Schluchsee reservoir sparkles in an inviting radiant blue with mirror-smooth water. Time for a refreshing dip and a short break from the motorcycles before continuing above the 1,000-metre altitude mark. Looking west to the Rhine plain and the famous Kaiserstuhl wine-growing region, the Vosges mountains attempt to lure motorcyclists away to France.

Well fortified with a strong coffee and a piece of calorie-laden cake, the path leads through dreamy valleys, picturesque landscapes, villages where timber frame houses lean against one another. Sometimes it is difficult to keep your eyes on the road. There is simply too much to see.

But shortly thereafter the landscape becomes more rugged and wild, boulders appear, the rivers change to rapids. And all this is lined with crisp curves and cooling pine forests. Welcome to the northern Black Forest, which has the reputation of being the wilder, rougher and perhaps also more beautiful part of the Black Forest. But every motorcyclist's heart has to decide for itself.

Motorcycle tours in the Erz Mountains

What else to see in Germany, the country of motorcycles? Beside the Czech border, the Erz Mountains offer virtually no limits to the curve hunter. The Saxon Switzerland national park (in Germany, not Switzerland) waits with its famous Bastei bridge. The endless pine forests and the subalpine character sweeten the appeal of this area. If you are bored by the countless curves, the small hidden roads, the endless pine forests, the centuries-old cultural assets and the breathtaking natural beauty, you can cross the border into the Czech Republic. Or do you prefer a taste of historical flair in Dresden, the Florence on the Elbe? Or ride into the colorful world of wooden toys in Seiffen? Or explore the secrets of ore extraction in one of the many mines?

Or do you want to immerse yourself in the historical world of motorcycle history at Augustusburg Castle? After all, Zschopau, the home of the former MZ Werke, is very close by. This traditional brand has inspired many motorcyclists' hearts for years. In the 60's and 70's the MZ motorcycles were leading in the racing of the smaller cubic classes. MZ belonged for a long time to the largest motorcycle manufacturers of the world. Even Harley Davidson was inspired by the RT 125 and copied the reliable model. But the Motorradmuseum Augustusburg is not only home to the history of the MZ. They're all gathered here. Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW and many more. Models from all decades stand here in peaceful harmony and invite you on a varied and exciting journey into the colourful world of motorcycles.

On the way back there should be time for a short detour to the Fichtelberg mountain. If the weather is brilliant, the view is a dream and with a trained eye through the binoculars, the next destination glitters already in the viewfinder - the Brocken mountain.

Motorcycle tours in the Harz Mountains

Surrounded by almost 250 square kilometers Harz-landscape, the Brocken proudly rises up. After all, it is the highest elevation anywhere nearby and overlooks one of the largest forest national parks in Germany. To get to the Brocken, the Brocken Railway is ideal. Smoking and hissing with a hint of adventure and nostalgia, the narrow-gauge railway chugs towards the summit.

But don't worry, the Harz Mountains are much more than just a train ride, for example, twisty roads are also a major attraction. Surrounded by spruce and beech forests, the roads meander along wild and romantic rivers, past imposing reservoirs, and invite you lean your bike into the corners. In between, you can enjoy historic medieval style towns, such as . Stolberg. As soon as you enter the town, the feeling spreads that you have travelled back in time somewhere during the last curves. Stolberg with its timber frame houses in Renaissance style captivates with its medieval flair. A small town to dream, to linger and to discover.

Still a little dizzy from the curves, impressions and landscapes and with a broad grin under your helmet you go back home - in the certainty that still so much remains to be discovered in Germany. You can find them here at MOTOURISMO. Not to mention all the little insider tips that you can also discover about the best known motorcycle regions. You just have to have someone to show you. With a connoisseur at your side, your motorcycle trip in Germany will become your very own personal highlight.

*Judith Sander is a true northerer: she grew up in Hanover, where she lived and worked for a long time before she traded her northern German homeland for the mountains of Switzerland. In her previous life she worked as a tour guide on Iceland for riding tours lasting several days. Over time, the preferred means of transport was increasingly replaced by two-wheeled vehicles with significantly more horsepower. She has travelled almost all of Europe with her motorcycle on and offroad, organized and accompanied solo tours as well as various motorcycle tours in Germany and Europe.

But as much as she likes adventure and immerses herself in foreign cultures, she now appreciates discovering the small, hidden beauties and peculiarities of the surrounding area and, above all, showing them to others. Since 2016 she has been offering special motorcycle tours mainly in Germany with her own company, the MOTOURISMO partner "Bikes On Road". On handmade, individual tours in small groups she shows you Germany from its unknown side and dives with you into the cultural peculiarities of the respective region. She also offers Ladies-only trips for women only.