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Italy, heaven for motorcyclists

Italy's worth a trip, they say. But that's not true. Italy is worth about one hundred and seventy three thousand trips - motorcycle trips. We figured it out.

We assume that all regions of this dreamland are worth two to three hundred visits already for a motorbike-less tourist (there are those strange people). Multiplied by the number of all routes that make it mandatory to ride these trips (of course) by motorbike, and then doubled, because of course you can ride all these routes in both directions, this makes a total of about one hundred and seventy three thousand motorbike trips to Italy.

Basically it was silly to do this scientific effort. Because as soon as you consider the questions whether Italy in general is worth a trip, and especially the question whether Italy is worth a motorcycle trip, simply from a Roman Catholic perspective, the answer becomes much simpler: If you haven't ridden a motorcycle in Italy at least once in your life, you'll go to hell.

Let's start where many motorcycle tours to Italy start: in the north, in the Alps, more precisely in the Dolomites. Strictly speaking, not in Italy, but in South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean people describe themselves less as Italians. You can see that at every corner. All street signs are bilingual, German and Italian, and you can hear that at every corner, because the South Tyroleans speak German. The restaurant owner in Alta Badia formulates it elegantly: "The politicians can do what they want – people won't change".

If you think: “I don't want to talk, neither German nor Italian, I just want to ride a motorbike and enjoy the passes in the Dolomites" – fair point. They are all there: Sella, Grödnerjoch and Pordoi, Karrenpass, Passo Rolle, Valles and Cereda. You can also ride Duran, Giau, Forcella Staulanza, Fedaia and Campologno and San Pellegrino and Falzarego and Manghen and Brocon.

If one of our partners shows you South Tyrol and Italy on a guided motorcycle tour, you will get some insider tips – apart from the fact that the complete organisation, hotel search and navigation will be taken care of for you. So you can not only save yourself the talking, German as well as Italian, you don't even have to think much. Just concentrate on riding, enjoying and becoming addicted.

But those who like to talk are allowed to do so, of course. It sounds like this: "Can't we just ride this divine passport again?" – "Well, we've got thirteen more to go, and they'll get even better." – "Ah, ok."

Those who are fortunate and have more time, can also treat themselves to the Trentino, west of South Tyrol and the Dolomites. More divine passes are waiting here for you. The Trentino is still overlooked as a destination for a motorcycle trip in Italy, incomprehensibly, because the triangle between Stilfser Joch, Bolzano and Lake Garda is worthwhile to build in a few day trips.

But on the way where to anyway? South of the Po plain, endless expanses of bends and passes await you, full of divine routes. Who should be able to decide, my God?

In fact, one of the advantages of a guided motorcycle tour to Italy is that you are relieved of the agony of choice. Don't be afraid to miss something, you only get the best routes. For example, on motorcycle trips to Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Piedmont or Liguria. So far to the best regions for a motorcycle trip to Italy, each worth its own extensive trip – as far as the northern half of the boot is concerned.

Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle here has already avoided hell, but should not forget that the South is also God's work and a true gift for motorcyclists. Just the fact that the 1500 km long mountain range of the Apennines from Tuscany to Umbria, Marches and Abruzzo to Campania and Apulia runs practically completely through the country is enough to demonstrate the whole of Italy is a unique territory for motorcycle tours.

A truly divine heaven on earth, these boots - not even Sicily and Sardinia. The islands are worth their very own stories. Take a look at the offers for motorcycle tours and transports to Sardinia and Sicily.