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Sardinia, the thousand curves island

The Italian island of Sardinia offers everything that motorcyclists love. Secluded and winding roads in an incredibly beautiful landscape make motorcycle tours on Sardinia a very special experience.

Due to very good infrastructure and a great developed road network, motorcycle rides in Sardinia are a unique pleasure, especially on exciting routes in the remote regions of the island - which in contrast to really difficult alpine passes hardly push anyone to their limits.

After Sicily, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its mild climate makes spring and autumn ideal times for extended motorcycle rides. Relax and discover the varied coastlines with breathtaking beaches on a motorcycle. But the big highlights await you in the hinterland, where you can roam undisturbed through the wild nature of the island with your motorcycle.

Gently rolling hills and imposing mountains alternate in Sardinia with wide plains, which are primarily found near the coast and are ideal for relaxing after an exciting motorcycle tour through the mountains.

In Sardinia, called Sandalyon by the ancient Greeks because the outline of the island resembles a footprint, you will meet many hospitable and helpful people. The inhabitants of Sardinia cultivate their customs and traditions, especially in the heartland of the island where most people speak the native Sardinian dialect, which is at least as common in Sardinia as the official language Italian.

Delicious riding and eating

Small villages, some of them spectacularly situated on mountain slopes, invite you on your motorcycle tour to get to know the country and its people better and to taste the various culinary specialities of Sardinia during relaxed breaks. If you are a cheese lover, Sardinia offers a wide and varied range of regional cheese specialities. Sardinian pecorino, made from sheep's cheese and with a very intense taste, is very widespread. Other delicacies you should try on your motorbike holiday in Sardinia are the shepherd's bread known as Pane Carasau, which is available all over Sardinia, and suckling pig prepared according to local recipes.

One of the most spectacular landscapes on the island is the Barbagia region in the east of Sardinia, a plateau dominated by holm oaks and chestnut trees, where shepherds traditionally live with their sheep and goats. The area is characterised by the Gennargentu massif, up to 1800 metres high, the highest mountain range on the island, known as the roof of Sardinia. In Barbagia you can also discover on your motorcycle tours many remains of prehistoric times, such as the famous murals near the village of Orgosolo or the Nuraghi settlement of S'Urbale. Especially impressive are the so-called giant tombs of Bidistili, Marruscu and Madau, which offer impressive insights into the rituals of times long gone. This fascinating region, where you can also meet rare animals like mouflons, wild horses and wild donkeys, is an ideal spot for relaxed motorcycle tours with a very special ambience.

Curves and culture

The Logudoro region in the northwest of Sardinia is also an area of scenic and cultural interest. Wide landscapes, characterized by limestone formations, offer you unique panoramas. Logudoro is also home to the Valle dei Nuraghi, a 37-square-kilometre basin 350 metres above sea level that offers impressive views of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes, such as Monte Cuccureddu, 676 metres high. The area also has a lot to offer in terms of culture, with the Abbey of Santissima Trinità di Saccargia and places such as Padria and Bonorva in Logudoro, which have retained their original character.

The Sarrabus-Gerrei region, in south-eastern Sardinia, is a very unspoilt landscape, with a lot of stone fragments, where you will find unspoilt nature on your motorcycle ride through Sardinia, and which will make you swarm for its beauty and clarity. This region, where the fashionable coastal towns of Costa Rei and Solanas invite you and your motorcycle to relax and linger on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, is also home to one of the most beautiful panoramic roads on the island.

The coastal road to Cagliari runs high above the sea and offers extremely spectacular views. The hinterland of the region, on the other hand, is characterised by mountainous stretches that take you to such unique and secluded places as the Parco dei Sette Fratelli, the "Park of the Seven Brothers", home to a large population of Sardinian deer.

Don't forget: also visit the cities

If you travel to Sardinia by motorcycle, you shouldn't miss out on a trip to the versatile and architecturally valuable cities of the island. If you land in Olbia by ferry or plane, an extensive city tour is definitely worthwhile. A must on a motorcycle tour of Sardinia is a trip to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. Picturesquely situated on the south coast of the island, the city will immediately captivate you with its magnificent old town and many historic buildings. Cagliari, for example, has a magnificent cathedral built in 1217 in the Romanesque-Pisan style. The building, visible from afar, has had a lasting influence on the cityscape of Cagliari and is always worth a visit.

In addition, the Basilica di Nostra Signora di Bonaria, which has an impressive baroque facade, should not be missed during your stay in the city. The great range of monuments worth seeing is rounded off by a well-preserved amphitheatre that will take you back to ancient Roman times.

For your guided motorcycle tours in Sardinia you can choose whether you want to use a rental motorcycle or your own bike - if it should be your own motorcycle, you will also find the appropriate motorcycle transport with us.

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