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Motorcycle shipping inside the U.S.

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Welcome to the home of Route 66 and Highway No. 1, the Indian Summer and the Rocky Mountains - and of course one of the biggest cult motorcycle brands. But riding Harley-Davidson® is not an obligation in the endlessly gigantic dreamland for motorcycle tours of all kinds.

You would already like to plan your USA motorcycle tour for 2022? Here you will find the right offers.

It was Americans who have made riding as such a purpose in life - singing about it in rock songs whose number is as infinite as the vastness of this truly gigantic country: Canned Heat’s "On the road again", CCR’s "Travelin’ Band", The Doobie Brother’s "Rockin’ down the Highway", Tom Cochrane’s "Life is a highway" - the list doesn’t end. Not to mention cult movies like "Easy Rider". No wonder, after all, all roads in this huge country are long. Roads perfectly suited to enjoying the feeling of freedom on a motorcycle. And where else would you want to do it, if not in the Land of the Free.

A motorcycle tour in the United States not only offers the perfect motorcycle routes for relaxed easy riding - there are also exciting, winding mountain routes and of course endless off-road tracks. After all, freeriding is a popular sport in the USA.

The offers for a motorcycle tour USA take you to warm Florida or into the hot desert of Nevada, through the New England states, across the country from East Coast to West Coast or all the way north through Canada to Alaska. We offer guided motorcycle tours or self-drive tours, each lasting several weeks as well as day tours, on-road and off-road trips. If you want something uniquely yours, you can also get a custom motorcycle tour from us, designed to your liking.

Nothing is more authentic than experiencing America on a motorcycle. There are motorcycle tours to suit every taste. You won’t forget your bike trip through the endless vastness with stops at truck stops, diners and barbecue restaurants for the rest of your life. Riding a motorcycle through the U.S. is the epitome of freedom, life and rock’n’roll.

Classic No.1: USA Motorcycle Tours along Route 66

Riding the most legendary route in the traditional direction on a motorcycle from east to west is the dream of many bikers, and rightly so - even if the originall Route 66 no longer exists in its entirety. Nevertheless, endlessly long highways, cosy biker bars and typical American burger restaurants next to the big cities and national parks are the highlights of such a trip.

The best time to travel through the USA on a motorcycle tour are May, August and September. Since the route from Chicago to Santa Monica crosses different territories and has to cope with different altitudes, you can expect weather fluctuations. You should be aware of this when packing your bike bags.

You can choose between guided motorcycle group tours with a tour guide, oftentimes with an accompanying vehicle for luggage transport, which usually take place on fixed dates, or tours for self-guided riders who want to start a fully organised tour on their own with their own or a rental motorcycle, pre-booked hotels and route plan.

You travel to Chicago and spend the first night in a hotel so that you can start your motorcycle trip the next day rested. The following day you can take over your motorcycle at the rental station in the morning and start your dream vacation.

You pass the "Gateway to the West", the pioneer city St. Louis. You look at the over 600 feet high Gateway Arch, the landmark of the city, a steel arch, inside which gondolas take you to the top and a wonderful view of the city. Later, the Route 66 takes you through Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, heading for Amarillo.

A relic of the highway’s heyday awaits you here: the Cadillac Ranch. You know the ten vehicles that were driven vertically into the ground as a fantastic photo motif. You’ll rest your motorcycle at Adrian, the geo-mathematical centre of the old route, where you’ll find a place for lunch and an interesting car museum.

You ride your bike through Santa Fe, through Gallup and through Navajo Land to Chinle. Along the way you’ll encounter not only endless wideness, but also the Four Corners, the only point in America where four states border each other: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. On your motorcycle tour you’ll visit the petrified forest and the natural wonder of the Painted Desert - both of which were created out of a whim of nature and show a spectacular play of colors through different shades of light.

Further west you reach Flagstaff between the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations and are already approaching one of the greatest highlights of your motorcycle tour: the Grand Canyon. It’s hard to find anything more gigantic and impressive in this world.

Onwards with your motorcycle via Williams to Seligman, where the historic route leads to Santa Monica. On this part of the route you can still ride the original route, which you can find out about in Seligman in the Visitor Center of the route. Check out Angel Delgadillo’s legendary barbershop, get shaved and buy one of the many souvenirs along the way.

On your way to Las Vegas, be welcomed at Lilo’s Café, run by an emigrated German, before turning onto the dazzling Las Vegas Boulevard in the gambling city.

Enjoy the moment you enter, but don’t get too distracted from traffic by these thousand glittering neon signs. Turn night into day, go play in the casinos, let yourself drift. Las Vegas is full of surprises and superlatives. Don’t miss the Highroller, the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, and enjoy the wide view over the Las Vegas Strip at night in the closed gondolas.

The final part of Route 66 motorcycle tours takes you to the Sahara Oasis, Amboy and an old silver mine in the Mojave Desert. The place is called Calico and is a lovingly restored western town that really has a lot of atmosphere and is worth a visit.

You ride your bike your last stage and with it the last miles of the legendary Route 66. Many motorcycle tours in the USA end here, at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, where the route officially ends. Here you have the chance to savor the moment of your life when you could say that you have travelled across the USA from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

After handing in your motorcycles at the rental station in Santa Monica you can stroll along the promenade and enjoy your fantastic impressions.

Classic No. 2: USA Motorcycle Tours along Highway No. 1

Motorcycle tours in the U.S. often lead to Highway No. 1 - and rightly so. Among connoisseurs some might complain about our classic ranking and instead declare Highway No. 1 without hesitation the most important of all motorcycle tours in the United States.

From Los Angeles to San Francisco there is a beautiful route along the Pacific coast. You start in Los Angeles, and after picking up the rental bikes, the tour starts at Santa Monica Pier towards Sunset Boulevard and Malibu.

While the sun smiles on your bike and on the typical cityscape of L.A., you will enjoy the passing route. The day’s destination is Morro Bay and takes you past the Danish capital of America, with its numerous wineries, windmills, horses and farms. The scenery is really worth seeing.

The next big destination is approaching: San Francisco. The route hugs the Pacific to the left and lures with sights like the infamous prison Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Lombard Street and San Francisco’s cable cars. As much as you enjoy riding your bike, it can’t be a mistake to stay San Francisco two to three days to see the city’s highlights.

Highway No. 1 connects the south and north of California from San Diego via Los Angeles to the north of San Francisco. It runs along particularly beautiful stretches of coastline known from film and literature. The thriller "Basic Instinct" with Sharon Stone was shot there. The writer Jack Kerouac created a literary monument to the Big Sur area with his novel of the same name.

Some motorcycle tours extend the classic Highway 1 tour by further impressive cuts along the Pacific Ocean far to the north - or start the route there going in the southern direction: in Seattle, where the much longer tour along the famous coastal road Highway No. 1, combined with Highway 101, forms part of the Panamericana, the "dream road" and longest road in the world. It leads from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Classic No. 3: USA Motorcycle Tours in Florida

In Florida, summer, sun and sandy beaches welcome you next to the vibrant cities of Miami and Orlando. When not riding your motorcycle on one of our fantastic guided or self-guided tours, be sure to check out a sports event or take a helicopter flight over Miami. In the evening you can drink a beer on the famous Ocean Drive and see the most beautiful cars in the world pass by, which could only be surpassed by the even more beautiful sight of their co-drivers.

The Florida Keys, which are especially recommended for motorcycle tours, are very scenic. A long highway leads from the mainland to Key West - you and your bike - for a reward beer at Sloppy Joe’s on Key West. Have fun exploring our motorcycle tours in the United States!