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The world is not enough - without a motorcycle

The world looks better from a leaning angle. Be it the hairpin bends along the fjords of Norway to the gentle curves of Africa's south coast, the panoramic roads of the Alps, the mountains of New Zealand, the famous Whisky Trail in Scotland, unknown roads in Slovenia, the Sunshine Highways in Western America or Thailand's most exciting jungle routes: So many corners of the world are perfect for a motorcycle trip.

Trust the MOTOURISMO partners: Our motorcycle tour providers with years of experience, who not only plan all your tours cleanly and reserve the hotels at the most beautiful spots – on their organized motorcycle tours they often also send an escort vehicle for luggage and service, some of them always do so. They will get the right rental motorcycle for you at the other end of the world. They know their way around and they ride ahead for you. 

In order to discover all the exciting destinations in this world with the most beautiful routes for motorcycles, you do not have to do all the planning and organizing effort yourself. Just book a motorcycle tour with the pros – including all the preferences that suit you best. 

No organisation, no search for accommodation, no route planning – if you don't want to, you don't even have to bring your bike because you can rent the one you want. Everything you need to do: find the right offer here on MOTOURISMO, book your experience and go for it. 

Hundreds of possibilities with the largest offer on the internet are in stock on MOTOURISMO: self guided or guided motorcycle tours, onroad or offroad, nearby and worldwide, with Harley or BMW, Ducati, Triumph or KTM – or, of course, with your own motorcycle. 

As different and unique as our many operating partners are: their travel offers are even more diverse. Fortunately, MOTOURISMO makes it easy for you to find, compare and book the right tour. 

You’re a long term planner? In addition to the latest motorcycle tours for 2020, also first motorcycle tours for 2021 are also available now. 

If you start riding again after a longer break, or if you want to get fit for the upcoming season, MOTOURISMO also offers you a variety of motorcycle training courses. If you don't want a long journey to your touring destination, take a look at the motorbike shipping offers.

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