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The Sand is your friend

Your 3% to 5% booking discount – and more

Your 3% to 5% booking discount – and more

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Offroad motorcycle tours and trainings

Off-road tours and training

You think: That's not for me? I can't do that? I don't dare? – We don't know you, but we know: you are wrong.

With the right start and off-road course, you'll be fit enough to master half the world on a dirt bike in no time – ideally on one of our partners' offroad tours, large or small. Usually just a few little tricks are enough to start having fun. You’ve seen one of them above: The sand is your friend – if you keep the throttle open.

After that you’ll be a new person and won't be able to get enough of sand and gravel. Then you’ll come back here and start clicking through the great adventures. Off-road tours in parts of this world that no one else will ever experience without a motorcycle and dirt bike tyres, be it in Croatia or Bosnia, Morocco, Namibia or South America.

We don't want to hear any complaints that we didn't warn you, so please read twice: riding off-road is addictive. (Riding off-road is addictive.)

You think: Yes, sure, what am I supposed to do on the road? The world is much more beautiful, where there are none. In this case we don't have to tell you anything. Just find and book your suitable tour.